Here is how to do a release:

  • Create a release branch (branch protection makes it impossible to push directly to master, so you have to release from a branch). I recommend naming the branch something other than the release number, as that makes the below commands not work until you delete the branch.
  • Update docs/changelog.rst. Add the release date.
  • Make a pull request with the release branch.
  • Make sure all the Travis checks pass on the commit you plan to tag.
  • Tag the release. The tag name should be the version number of the release, like git tag 2.0 -a. Include the -a flag. This will ask for some commit message for the tag (you can just use something like “Doctr 2.0 release”, or you can put the changelog in there if you want).
  • Do python sdist bdist_wheel upload. It uses the tag to get the version number, so you need to do this after you tag.
  • Push up the tag (git push origin 2.0).
  • Merge the pull request.
  • Create a pull request to the conda-forge feedstock to update it. Make sure to do a pull request from a fork. Merge it once those tests pass.